Burns Night


Burns night

25th January sees Scots all over the world celebrating the birthday of Robbie Burns. We celebrated a few days late on 28th January and what a fantastic night it was. We fully embraced the traditional with our menu


Scottish smoked salmon and Scotch soda bread

Cullen Skink or Leek and Potato soup

Haggis with neeps and tatties

Cranachan or Whisky bread and butter pudding

Oatcakes and Scottish cheddar



The fabulous Alan Henderson looked as amazing as ever in his full regalia. He piped in the Haggis, addressed the haggis and toasted the lassies in dramatic knife waving style.

Kate filled us all in on the life and times of Robbie Burns with her Immortal Memory.  He was a scoundrel who had a habit of falling with the ladies and getting their servants pregnant. He did it so often it’s a wonder he had time to write any poetry.

Once the formalities were out of the way the Lucy Lastic Band struck up and we danced and danced and danced. The very patient caller coped admirably with our many left feet, lack of space and poor attention spans. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

Between the sets of dancing Alan whipped out his pipes and we had some more tunes then we all sang Flower of Scotland, a rousing rendition with had us all ready to go into battle, or back to the dance floor.

We forgot to round the night off with Auld Lang Syne which is apparently not just for New Years Eve but for Burns Night too. We will be sure to rectify this situation next year.


Here are some very very badly filmed and poorly lit videos of the night