Food Trends for 2017


Food trends for 2017

Poke – this is an Hawaiian fish salad, it’ll fit perfectly with our fishy orientated summer menu. I have offered to pop over to Hawaii to research this thoroughly.

Vegan food – we have notice vegan food growing in popularity over the past 12 months and it looks as if this is set to continue. We always have a vegan pizza on our menu, we often have a vegan pasta and salad too. If you have any specific requirements have a chat with one of our staff and we will do our absolute best to accommodate you. Oh I almost forgot pudding, we have 3 flavours of vegan ice cream and at least one of our cakes is always vegan so no need for anyone to miss out.

Cauliflower – there’s a lot more to cauliflower than cauliflower cheese, it a blank canvas and makes a great alternative to rice or mashed instead of potatos. Roasted cauliflower with indian spices is just delicious and even die hard meat eater won’t feel short changes when presented with this as an option.

Plckling, fermenting and gardening – We love pickles as an accompaniment to our salads but we’ll be experimenting with bringing them to the forefront, pickled fennel and radishes are quite mouth watering. Pickled gerkins elevate our toasted brisket sandwiches to a new level. We have some wonderful pickled cherries which’ll be making an appearance on our specials board someday soon.

Yogurts – We love yogurt and it makes frequent appearances on our breakfast menu. We have served it with pancakes, waffles and French toast and topped granola with it. But it’s not just for breakfast, it’s often a dressing on our Sunday lunch menu, dressing slow cooked lamb with pomegranate molasses and pomegranate seeds. On our middle eastern night it was both a side dish to the tagines mixed with mint and cucumber and an accompaniment to our lemon almond cake when mixed with honey.

Alternative proteins – from main course alternatives such as tofu, to snack foods like roasted chickpeas our proteins are a make over. We’ll be looking to include these options in our menu over the next 12 months. I am not sure that we’re quite ready to embrace the trend for using insects in our cooking but watch this space…….
Minimising food waste – we are actively involved with the Real Junk Food Project which is looking to set up a group in Torbay which will seek to divert food waste from supermarkets and other sources and turn it into delicious meals which will be served at pay what you like pop ups around the area.

Reducing sugar in our food – this is one we are really struggling with, we love our cakes and syrup in our coffee and giving this up is really tricky. We believe that a little bit of what you like does you good but we read about food a lot and will keep a keen eye on developments in this area.