All about the fish!


Today we attended the press launch of Englands seafood feast a series of event which will run in Saturday 22 September and Saturday 7 October.

During this time there will be a an opportunity to indulge yourself on all manner of Seafood related activites.

We were treated to a wonderful tour on the historical Brixham Trawler The Vigilance, we learned all about the history of fishing in the port. (did you know that ice used to be towed in massive blocks from Norway to be used in the hold of fishing trawlers to keep the fish fresh during the trip back to shore – how mad is that). Peter who showed us around was a real character and his enthusiasm for the boat was infectious.

The team at Rockfish then spoiled us with a delicious feast, we had curried sprats, cured herring, brixham squid, hake ceviche and crab croquettes it just kept on coming and really showed the natural resources we have to be proud of in Torbay. – (did you know that the fish is so juicy and delicious because the English Channel has deep cold waters).

The Seafood Feast is going to be amazing, it’ll you a chance for everyone to try a whole range of activities, here are some of the ones that we are hoping to try out


Fish market tours in Brixham

Penguins and Prosecco at Living Coast

Sailing on the trawler Leander

Quiz at Torre Abbey

Oyster at Simply fish

Art Exhibition at Cockington

I may need to take a week of work and I’m certainly going to need to diet afterwards.

At Cantina we are fully embracing the whole 2 weeks, we’ll be foraging, swimming, boating, prepping mussels and crab, bbqing and of course cooking tonnes of delicious local seafood.

We can’t wait for the Seafood Feast.