Locally sourced produce, I’ll drink to that!!



We are so lucky in Torbay, we have a wealth of wonderful local produce. We talk a lot about our locally sourced food. Elberry Mussels, Brixham Hake, Eggs from Stoke Gabriel. But we don’t often talk about our wonderful local drinks. There really is a superb range with something for all ages and tastes.

Beers & lager – we are proud to have Bays Devon Rock craft lager on draft and a range of their beers in bottles. Devon Dumpling is a strong golden beer with a fresh hop character. This ale has a smooth taste with a balanced sweetness and weighs in at 5.1%. Topsail is more of a session ale at 4%, it’s a well balanced beer, deep amber in colour with a subtle sweetness throughout.

Cider – we are delighted to be the first bar to have Hunts draft cider installed, it’s wonderful cider, really delicious with a great apple flavour. We spend a fantastic afternoon over at the Farm a couple of weeks ago where we undertook extensive testing of the products on offer, just for your benefit!!! If something a little fruitier is what you are after then give the lovely strawberry cider a try.

Wine – Sharpham winery is located on the banks of the meandering river dart, it’s excellent location and climate are paired with exceptional winemaking skills to produce some stunning wines. We stock the Sharpham Sparkling 2013 which is a blend of  Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier & Chardonnay prepared using the Champagne method, it’s a really treat if you are celebrating or just feeling a little bit decedent.

Soft drinks – Luscombes are based in Buckfastleigh their ethos is “to go to very great lengths to make drinks that will be a real pleasure to taste” and we think they have been very successful in achieving that. Their Sicilian lemonade is so bursting with lemons it’s hard to imagine anything more lemony, except perhaps a lemon. Elderflower bubbly is a delightful treat that just sings of spring, and for something a little “spicier” how about the hot ginger beer. On a warm summers days there is little better for quenching your thirst.



Orchard fizz

75ml orchard pig apple juice

75ml Sharpham Sparkling

Dash Luscombe hot ginger beer

Serve in a champagne fruit

Garnish with a very thin slice of apple and a sprig of mint


Devonshire Kir

150ml Hunts draft cider

25ml Lyme Bay apricot brandy liqueur (try any fruit liqueur as an alternative)

Serve in a champagne flute

Garnish with a wedge of apricot on the side of the glass

Whilst on holiday in Normandy recently I was offered kir made with cider instead of the usual sparkling wine, it’s a lighter (lower alcohol) alternative and great as an aperitif.