We love Gin


We love Gin

On Saturday 17th July we made some gin of our own. The wonderful stuff is called Mermaids Ruin and its quite delicious.

Devon distillery bought along their beautiful mobile copper still “still on the move”, they parked it up on the grass in front of Cantina and set about making magic. In the side of the trailer is a fantastic drawer containing all the botanicals which are used to give each gin it’s distinctive flavour. Barry sniffed and nibbled and in the end decided on lemon zest, pink peppercorns and our own special addition dulse seaweed. These are all flavours which compliment our most popular dish the great seaside favourite Fish and Chips.
The flavourings along with the traditional juniper berries were added to the mystical elixir, the still was cranked up and 6 hour later out poured GIN!

The first liquid produced is called the heads, this along with the tails, can not be drunk, they are separated off and kept back to be added to the next batch. Between the heads and tails is the main distillation. It comes out of the still at a whopping 86% proof. Kate, Barry and Charlie all had a little sip and it went straight to their heads.
Cosmo from Devon Distillery then diluted our mix to a more drinker friendly 40%. This was then decanted in to our 114 bottles, labels and the duty stickers were added and we gave away our first bottle.
The proud recipient of the first bottle was the fantastic Aaron Kitts, not only did he win the competition to name our Gin he is also the designer of our beautiful labels. We loved the labels so much we turned them into t-shirt designs too.

We love our gin, we hope you’ll love it to, it’s available to buy from here or from Cantina for £30