We are a Family

Cantina was started in the summer of 2016 by family members Kate, Queenie, Jenn and Barry. "We wanted to create a good place to come to in Paignton. The sort of place that our own family would like to come to.

We see families and groups of friends returning year after year which is lovely. We thought we'd open a nice place of our own but soon realised that Cantina's not ours... it's yours!"


Our Team


Our leader, our decorator, our front of house & back of house, there’s nothing Kate can’t do.

Kate started her own successful catering business before Cantina, catering for all in and around Torbay, the success of this business lead to the purchase of Cantina.

Her knowledge and expertise in all things food & drink have been the reason Cantina has been successful. We would be lost without her and the building would be falling apart.

In Kate’s spare time she enjoys taking her electric bike out for a spin & extreme fishing around Torbay on our little boat in pursuit of a monster ‘Fish on Kate’


Starting his career in a top notch kitchen (sink)at just 13, Barry knew that a career as a chef was all he ever wanted to do.

Having worked for some of the best and biggest names in the biz, Barry brings a wealth of experience to our family business. He and his fab team take huge pride in bringing you the best for breakfast, lunch, dinner and more.

Affordable, interesting delicious food. Every day.(If he seems a little distracted on a Saturday afternoon, it'll only be that Liverpool are playing!)

Barry's food MAKES Cantina. We couldn't do it without you Barry. We wouldn't want to.

(Up the Reds!)


Our guiding light, our rock of sense, Queenie is our accountant, business development manager and HR consultant rolled into one.

Not much big stuff happens without running it past Queenie first (A looser grip on the tiller lately means we must be doing ok!)

Queenie also has a background in hospitality - hotels mainly, retraining as an accountant when her girls were small.

In her 'proper job' Queenie works as Finance Director for The Mare and Foal Sanctuary and in her spare time enjoys wild swimming, cycling and dropping into Cantina to check on us.

It's always fun to see the shocked faces of newer staff when Queenie swoops in behind the bar to help herself to a bottle of wine. "Don't worry, it's only Queenie!"


Anna is our Restaurant Manager. The daughter of a wild swimmer and an artisan baker, it was only a matter of time before she found us!

Anna is our Mother Hen, computer-whizz, admin goddess and morale officer. Goodness knows how we managed without her.

Fun facts; Anna is a self-confessed nerd, plays the French Horn to Grade 8 level and loves the music of ELO.

She is gregarious, generous and brilliant.

We all love her!

Big Al

Little Al first came in for a trial shift aged just 15. He survived pot-wash and soon took a place on our apprenticeship scheme as trainee chef.

Now firmly in control of all things kitchen, Al takes his Head Honcho role seriously. Hard-working, funny and sensitive, no one tries harder than Al.

Fun facts; Al was a lawn bowls champion as a youngster and a rugby star at school.

A big drum and bass fan (we're grateful for EarPods!) Immensely proud of our Big Al.

Love you Bruv x

Big Al

Join us

Family is incredibly important to us and we are always looking to extend it. If you would like to be part of a fun team then please get in touch.