Life with Cantina Family

Living life with #cantinafamily Week 2

Sunday 11 August

After a few days of bouncy seas we managed our first dip in the sea for nearly a week, there was still a fair bit of chop but is was warmer than we’d expected.

On Kates mums recommendation we booked Gilly Jazz to entertain us this Sunday Lunchtime. We set up Gilly in the door way playing out into the marquee frame (marquee cover having been removed due to the wild winds we’d been experiencing). The sun came out just in time and we were joined for lunch by both Kates Parents and Jenny. Gorgeous lamb shanks wonderful jazz and sunshine what more could you want, oh yes a delicious aperol spritz.

We finished off the day with another trip out on Cormorant. Jake and Ollie had been away for a few days so this was their first crab pot experience, it’s fair to say that the excitement levels were very high, in fact Kate got so excited that she fell in the harbour and had to spend the rest of the evening in a combination of borrowed clothes.

Todays lobster count – 1 but we caught 8 mackerel too so it was fish supper for the grandchildren. Unfortunately they ate it all before we managed to get a photo.

Monday 12 August

More hashing – as part of Paignton Regatta week there is a Regatta Hash, starting on Paignton Green up around Roundham, along the coast path, around Goodrington Green, down to Clennon and then back over Roundham to Green. Hashing is a great way to see parts of your local areas which you are less familiar with. I have lived in Paignton for 28 years and I did not know about the steps up from Fairly Cove and I only discovered Goodrington Green earlier this year. We finished up with a pint and a hot pork roll in front of the main Regatta stage. All hashers have “hash” names, you gain your name after you have laid your first trail, mine is Mermaid and Jess is Babycakes, on tonights hash we were joined by Quiet Please and Skinny Dipper, our friends David and Lynda are laying their first trail in a couple of weeks, I wonder what names they’ll get.

I almost forgot to mention the wonderful flowerbed up by Goodringtons South Sands Cafe, it’s tended entirely by volunteers and was looking magnificant tonight.

Tuesday 13 August

Out at Webbers Yard Dartington is the very lovely Almond Thief, we popped there this morning for a couple of loaves of their wonderful Sour Dough and couldn’t resist staying for breakfast. We ordered a bit of everything (4 dishes between 3 of us, we are very greedy girls!!) and then a couple melt in the mouth straight from the oven of Pastel de nata to finish off with, it was all wonderful. (

I had a quick look around Forest and Co while we were there. I had to exercise a lot of self control as they have so many beautiful things, I might not be able to resist buying the starburst mirror on line though. (

On arriving home from work today I found a huge tub of blackberries on my doorstep along with a pile of courgettes, a gift from our lovely neighbour Joe. Joe grows award winning veg on his allotment and we often benefit from the bounty. Within a couple of hours Jenny had turned the blackberrys into jam and I had made the prettiest frittatas ever out of the courgettes.

Charlie and Ollie had a day off together and had a wonderful mother and son day with lots and lots of swimming. Delicious breakfast at Curious Kitchen and Ollie polished of a gorgeous venison steak for his tea, that boy really can eat!

Wednesday 14 August

Boat excitement today with a day trip over to Torquay, the boat decided to take a little overnight stay (the winds and swell meant it wasn’t safe for us to undertake the return journey) while the rest of us and our catch (1 bass, 8 mackerel and 1 lobster) got a lift back home. Ollie and Ivy (Grandchild 1 & 4) shared the bass, Ollie is more of a gourmet, Ivy eats whatever is put in front of her.

The evening was spent being hosted by the lovely Graham and Julia Nelson-Smith, Julia cooked a storm with Bombay potatoes, whole spicy roast chicken and daal, it was absolutely delicious. Barry spent the evening watching his beloved Liverpool FC in sneaky peaks on his phone under the table.

Thursday 15 August

I have a day job working at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, over the summer holidays we run Happy Hooves (5-10 years) and Horse Wise (11-15) workshops. Ollie (Grandson 1) had been to Happy hooves a couple of times before and loved it, now he’s 11 though so today he came along to his first Horse Wise session. He absolutely loved it, grooming the horses, learning about tack and even picking up poo. All the way home in the car he chattered away enthusiastically, I think he’ll be back for another go next holiday.

If Happy Hooves or Horse wise sound like your kind of thing have a look here

Thursday nights is our regular music night at Cantina, we especially like to promote original and acoustic music and tonight we had two returners from our sofa sessions Horses in disguise and Izzy Warren, amazing young and exciting songwriting and musical talents, we know you’ll hear more from them in the future. And from the sublime to the ridiculous we were also visited by the Newton Bushel Morris Dancers, you would need a heart of stone to not be filled with joy watching the Morris people leaping around with their sticks, bells and hankies, fabulous fun!!!

More animal orientated action for me this evening when I attended the Seal talk and Tunes at the delightful Fishcombe Beach Café. Our friend Rob Hunt was playing some tunes, we heard a wonderfully informative talk about seals (from Duncan at the Seal Project) and ate a gorgeous wild boar hot dog. We finished off the evening with a full moon swim (I have to admit that we couldn’t see the full moon while we were in to the water as it hadn’t ridden above the houses yet but when we got around the corner it was magnificiant) . I have always been a little nervous swimming when there are seals around (for “little nervous” read absolutely terrified) and a bit of seaweed and a little imagination can create all kinds of imaginary sea monsters!!

Seal Project talk at Fishcombe

There’s another one of these events next week, I would highly recommend. For more info on The Seal Project look here

Friday 16 August

Despite the torrential rain we managed to have a very lovely day. When you start with lunch at the Elephant you know it’s going to be a good one. Gorgeous St Germain cocktail (that may or may not be what it was called, it was delicious and ginny and pretty, highly recommended if you can work out which one I mean). The 2 course set lunch at £21 is very good value, Mackerel for me, Carrots for Kate, Duck for me, Hake for Kate – it was all stunning to look at and lovely to taste (the photos do a better job of describing it than I do. (sublime)

We spent the afternoon in Brixham at the Sparks performance of “Musical Mayhem”. A week of project performers workshops (aged 6-16) culminates is this wonderful performance. Grandson 2 (Jake) had a staring role as the Artful Dodger, a T-bird and goodness knows what else. All the kids seems to be having a fantastic time and the parents/grandparent/friends etc all beamed with pride. My favourite moment was the little girl in the big wig being Annie. (ridiculous, but great fun)

And rounded the day off with a fantastic Chilean rose at the wineshop, it took us nearly 2 bottles to make up our mind……..but in conclusion it was very very nice.

Saturday 17 August

Early start today setting up for Paignton Gig Regatta on the seafront. 8 other rowing clubs joined us for 5 hours of fabulous rowing. The rain stayed away, the wind and sun did not, as a consequence of which I now look like a tomato. Jenny and I started with BBQ duty, we served around 120 bacon rolls before heading out on to the water to row. 3rd in our first race, 3rd in our second race and oh the shame, we were disqualified in our last race, apparently we went the wrong side of the flag. All in all a great days rowing for Paignton and a few pounds raised to fill our coffers.